The wonderful world of infographics!

Well, I seem to have survived the second week of school. The second class of academic english went less fluent than the first one. I guess that I start making mistakes in English when I’m tired or –as in this case- not completely awake. Some really obvious and easy answers simply didn’t come up, even when I knew I had the answer. Fortunately, the subject of the class, infographics, wasn’t that difficult. I think I really understood the essence of what infographics are and how to use them.

I did some research to find out how infographics are used in the broad field of communication studies and I found some really interesting stuff. Well, in a way of speaking you could say that there exists an infographic for almost everything, you could literally communicate just by using infographics! For example, I found this infographic about the relation between the social media use of college students and jealousy.


Disregard from the subject, it’s a pretty good visual presentation and summary of the research that was done and presented in a very clear way. This is the big ‘catch’ while writing and designing an infographic: it has to be both visually appealing and clearly explained. No one wants to read an infographic that looks awful and the infographic won’t have much effect if the reader doesn’t really understand the content of it. So my advice: don’t underestimate the wonderful world of infographics !

My first week

Welcome to my safe heaven for the next couple of months ! I’ll be writing some personal thoughts about my course of academic english and life in general. To begin with, let’s talk about the class of the first week.

To be honest, I didn’t look forward to the first class of academic english. The main reason for it lies in the fact that I’m not a morning person at all. I have this general feeling that everything that I do before noon is utter contraproductive. Getting up before 10 ‘o clock in the morning is a considerable challenge for me. This student’s life has made me incredibly lazy. My routine of secondary school is only two years ago, but I can’t imagine myself ever having to get up at 6:45, every morning.

Long story short, I managed to get up for my class at 9:50, which was alamingly late knowing that the class started at 10. To top it all, I didn’t find the right classroom. I forgot that the regular entrance of Hoveniersberg was blocked by fences due to some maintenance works. So I had to cross the entire neighboring building which took some time, as I totally didn’t know the structure of the building. At last, I entered the classroom at 10:20, but the the professor didn’t mind.

The class itself went really well. I noticed that I had to refresh some of my vocabulary. My active vocabulary clearly shrunk due to two years of non-active use of English, but I did manage to follow the course and to express myself in a decent way. The content of the class wasn’t really that difficult, it could easily be compared with an upper-intermediate class in secondary school. Well, no, it’s not really the same, it’s by far more practical and fun. What I like the most: grammar (oh, I hated those annoying grammar lessons) is quickly dealt with.

I may find the class not that hard, I certainly don’t underestimate it. It will still take some time and effort to make all that knowledge of secondary school active again ! I look forward to improving my academic skills!